Moose Mountain Construction wanted an updated logo that was clean and memorable and a brand new website to establish an online presence and bring in more prospective clients.

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Moose Mountain Construction sought a memorable, clean logo
and a SEO optimized website for their growing business.

Though a relatively new business, Moose Mountain Construction quickly garnered a reputation for creating beautiful homes and spaces in New Brunswick. 

Moose Mountain Construction’s tagline is “Make an Impression.”  With this in mind, we designed a logo that is clean yet high-impact and timeless with eye-catching simplicity. With a professional company like Moose Mountain, a versatile logo that can be used anywhere from a business card to a pick-up truck and fleet is vital.

For their website, we designed a fully responsive website with eye-catching portfolio images used in large background displays to really showcase their range of talent. 

Make an impression with your logo and website.

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